Vision, Mission, Goals & Objectives

The establishment of the new library is part of a strategic plan to achieve the vision of the university to be “To be a world class University producing transformative leaders for Church and Society”.  It will contribute in achieving the mission of the university which is:
“To promote excellence in research, teaching and community service by preparing morally upright leaders based on the intellectual tradition of the Catholic Church”

Our Vision
To be a world class resource centre in the acquisition, organization, preservation, dissemination and application of knowledge.

Our Motto: Putting Research Information at the Heart of scholarship

Our Mission
To facilitate, maintain and enhance quality research, teaching and community service by developing knowledge collections that reflect the mission of the university, providing expertise, appropriate ICTs, outstanding services and by collaborating with institutions within and outside East African to facilitate knowledge resource sharing.

Our Goal
To support university in achieving its research, teaching, and community service objectives.
The key goals of the new library are to:

  • ·         Develop in students, staff and other stakeholders skills and attitudes in line with the needs of in the 21st knowledge economy e.g. information literacy skills, and an attitude of lifelong learning.
  • ·         Provide current information resources to facilitate quality research, teaching and learning in all departments facilitate access to academic information materials both in print and e-formats e.g. e- books, e-journals and e-databases
  • ·         Provide access to ICT-based learning and research platforms and statistical analysis tools
  • ·         Carry out income generation activities to support the operational costs of managing the library
  • ·         To provide modern, efficient and effective library and information services that meet the information needs of the university stakeholders
  • ·         To develop and implement innovative information systems that will enhance the provision of academic information services.
  • ·         To promote the welfare of the Kenyan people and beyond community by engaging in community service activities
  • ·         To provide appropriate library physical facilities for efficient research, learning and studying.
  • ·         To recruit, develop and grow a highly motivated staff in provision of library and information services.
  • Philosophy/core values
  • The library endeavors to put in place library information services that can help the university in such of the whole truth about humanity and God. In this endeavors the library is guided by the following core values:
  • Witness of Life
  • Prayer
  • Truthfulness
  • Honesty
  • Excellence
  • Commitment
  • Competence


The new library is ICT driven. The technologies to be installed in the New Library include:

  • High speed internet connectivity (optic fibre and wireless technologies). This facilitates setting up of 2500 Internet-ready table places, for use with Personal Laptops, 120 Private Reading Carrels with plug and play internet capability, and 500 PCs with internet connection for library customer use. Therefore the total sitting capacity will be 3000 work places
  • Library web portal to facilitate access to e-databases, e-books, E-journal   subscriptions &  local e-repository of internally generated local content including conference proceedings, published articles, theses and dissertations
  • Multimedia section  for use of Multimedia devices such as CDs, DVDs, TVs, VHS videos,  &   Microfilm
  • Online payment system to facilitate self- operated printing, subscription to library services, photocopying, etc. This will later be used for payment of other services in the university such as the university bookshop, infirmary and cafeteria
  • Academic support application softwares e.g.  E-Z Proxy, Word processing, software modeling & statistical packages)
  • A web-based Integrated Library System (ILS) with which students, & lecturers, and external subscribers can interact with over the internet to search library online catalogue for books and journals, reserve them and renew book loans
  • RFID technology to facilitate innovative services such as self-borrowing and self-return of library materials, printing and photocopying, security, and inventory of library materials Circulation services