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Title: Dairy farming value chains and youth employment creation: a case study of Bio Food products Ltd.
Authors: Kayombya, Shelula
Keywords: Dairy Farming
Dairy Farming-- Youth and employment
Issue Date: 27-Jan-2017
Abstract: The Dairy industry contributes positively to human wellbeing in multiple ways: nutrition through quality food products, income and employment. In Kenya’s dairy sector: smallholder dairy farmers, licensed milk processors handle more than 80 percent of the total milk and dairy products . This study sought to explore the dairy farming value chain activities and employment creation for the youth in Kenya ; case study of Bio Food Products a Dairy processing firm in Nairobi Kenya. The study objectives were: 1) To determine the utilization of used versus installed capacity in the dairy manufacturing industry and how it affects employment of the youth 2) To identify effect of demand for processed local dairy products and employment for the youth in the formal dairy processing in Kenya 3) To establish the role of the Government on policy regulations in the formal dairy processing effect on employment creation for the youth in Kenya 4) To establish attitudes of the youth towards dairy farming activities. Resource Dependency theory was adopted for the study. The study critically analyzed literature related to dairy value chain and employment creation and conducted a cross sectional field survey. The research tools used in this study were Questionnaires and interview schedule . The study targeted managers, employees of Bio Food Products, Erskine Farm employees and KDB Officers , KDB officers. The sample population of 62 was selected by stratified sampling and purposive methods. Data was collected using of questionnaires, and interview guides. Data was analyzed descriptively tools in using SPSS® Version 20 and presented using tables, pie charts and bar graphs. Qualitative data formed thematic areas when analyzing the data. The study findings found that youth have significantly gained employment through the processing industry. Similarly, factors related to marketing, utilization of capacity, attitude of the youth hampered more creation of employment opportunities. It was noted that the firm is operating below the installed capacity which affects creation of more employment and also in terms of marketing the higher the market demand of the product the higher the opportunities for youth employment increase to handle various job descriptions The study also notes the significant role of the government in policy formulation critical for youth awareness and sensitization. Employment generation in the formal industry is constrained by processors operating below their installed capacity. The study established that increased input of quality raw milk, higher market demand of locally processed value added dairy products; youth perception towards dairy will significantly increase employment opportunities. Recommendations were educated youth can use their knowledge in adoption of new technologies, quality milk from farmers means increase in capacity utilization subsequently more employment opportunities for the youth. Government to establish mechanisms for monitoring and ensure adequate enforcement and encourage compliance by all dairy value chain actors. The Government to also ensure adequate local market and streamline mechanisms for exports.
Description: MA-development studies
URI: http://localhost/xmlui/handle/1/740
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