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Title: Influence of institutionalized care on psychosocial well being of the elderly in Kenya: a case of Nyumba ya wazee Nairobi, County , Kenya
Authors: Kago, Moses Kamau
Keywords: Project Planning
Institutionalized care--elderly people
Elderly people--Nyumba ya wazee--Nairobi
Issue Date: 17-Oct-2016
Abstract: Society as a whole is now experiencing a rapidly ageing society where the society and familial structures are experiencing disintegration. As a result of the disintegration of the extended family structure the old are now faced with psychosocial challenges such as; living alone with no family nearby, poor health, negative attitude about ageing and insufficient financial resources leading them to be frustrated with life and dying early. The current study investigated the influence of institutionalized care on the psychosocial well-being of the elderly in Kenya. The study was guided by three objectives; First, to determine how institutionalized care provision to the elderly affects their psychosocial well-being, secondly, to establish how institutional policy and frameworks influence the psychosocial well-being of elderly and lastly, to examine the influence of stakeholder participation in institutionalized care of the elderly on their psychosocial well-being. The study was anchored by the disengagement theory and the continuity theory. The study adopted a case study research design as the study sought to interview individuals with a specific characteristic, with a sample, often a tiny minority, of the rest of the population. The study population comprised of 118 persons who included the institutions managers, staffs and the elderly persons in Nyumba ya Wazee. A census methodology was used for the managers and staffs (50) whereas purposive sampling was used to sample the elderly persons (20) within the institution. The data was collected using structured questionnaires administered to the staff and administration while interview schedules was administered to the aged people within the Home. The collected data was entered and coded into Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) for analysis. Frequencies, percentages and means was presented. The study concluded that institutionalized care for the old was found to influence psychosocial well-being of elderly. The care given to the elderly was found to be very important because it influences their psychosocial well-being and hence improves the lives of the elderly at large. Institution policy framework was found to influence the psychosocial well-being of elderly. Old person placed in the institution for the aged do have relative caregivers though they are also assigned non-relative caregivers. Further it was clear from this study that old people are comfortable with the policy frame work for the institution and they have good attitude towards their caregivers which influences positively towards their psychosocial well-being. Stakeholder Participation was a key factor in determining the psychosocial well-being of elderly. It enables them to continue working, function independently, and maintain a reasonable standard of living. The study recommended that care institutions should ensure that the elderly have a life satisfaction in terms of the ability to transform negative to positive outcome. The care institution should ensure that the elderly never lack basic needs and there health is good .As people get older, they may experience decline in different psychological and social functions that expose them to emotional and physical vulnerability, particularly in cases of institutionalization. Institutions should ensure caregivers within the institution are well trained and receive on-the-job training to effectively look after the elderly. The community at large should support the management towards ensuring that the institution provides the care to the elderly.
Description: MA-Project planning and management
URI: http://localhost/xmlui/handle/1/562
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